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Celebrating Our 13th Year of Service to Private Florida Education Employees


RECIPIENT OF THE EMPOWER 2008 AWARD, Walgreens Health Initiatives


The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association, Inc. is a nonprofit Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement operating as a Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association in the State of Florida. As a Health Care Cooperative, membership is open to any nonprofit, private Florida education employer, including any member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) or Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS). There are currently 15000+ members from 25 employers covered in the health plans offered by ICUBA. They are as follows:

Mission Statement

The Mission of ICUBA is to Provide High Quality, Cost Effective Health and Wellness Benefits to Our Members through Collaboration.

ICUBA has the ability to reduce:

· Administrative fees by spending more than 93 cents of each premium dollar collected directly on benefits

· Broker commissions

· State Premium taxes

· High margins of insurance fees


Any Private Florida Education Employers interested in joining ICUBA should provide ICUBA with a list of home zip codes of their employees so that we can demonstrate the breadth of our provider network. Also, at no cost, we will complete a comparison of a prospective member’s current benefits to those offered by ICUBA. In fact, we will do whatever you require to show you that ICUBA is the superior choice for your institution.

Health care costs continue to represent the largest increase of any operational budget line item. ICUBA is the answer to this challenge for any Florida nonprofit, private education employer by working to stabilize (and possibly reduce) health insurance costs by isolating the instability and frustration caused by annual renewals, and by offering a health care plan employees learn to trust, thereby increasing employee morale.


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