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The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association, Inc. (ICUBA) is celebrating its 22nd year of service to Private Florida Education Employees. The purpose of ICUBA, as a health care cooperative, is to pool the purchasing power of its member schools to reduce the associated costs of insurance, administrative fees, broker commissions, and consulting fees. Currently, individual institutions that are Florida nonprofit, private education employers are taking advantage of the benefits that 4 out of 5 large U.S. employers are already practicing -- self-funding of their health care benefits. 

ICUBA exists to:

  • Pool purchasing power to reduce admin fees, commissions, premium taxes and high margins of insurance company fees

  • Achieve excellence in the delivery of benefit plans of the highest quality

  • Focus on quality management

  • Offer access to high quality providers and health care treatments

  • Promote the Health and Wellbeing of members

  • Provide Value Based Medical and Pharmacy Benefits

ICUBA reduces the cost of traditional insurance programs by avoiding the premium taxes and the high margins charged by insurance carriers. As a result, all schools in the plan share insurance costs so that, regardless of size, they are protected from fluctuating annual premium rate increases.


Because ICUBA does not need to respond to insurance company shareholder demands, it is able to focus its attention on quality management of the health plan to achieve the following:

  • Provide its members’ employees with access to proven health care treatment, in addition to a strong preventive care program in order to find medical problems early, when they are best treated.

  • Address patient concerns fully and explain treatment options clearly.

  • Avoid complications by getting the right care at the right time.


ICUBA operates as a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA), and is regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Accordingly, ICUBA follows sound actuarial practices that guarantee adequate reserves to pay claims.


The ICUBA value proposition is unique as ICUBA offers:

  • Plan design features including Wellness Benefits that are covered 100%

  • PPO Open Access Plans with no deductible for prescription drugs and most ambulatory benefits

  • Consumer Directed Health Care with Health Reimbursement Accounts so that all employees may participate in the Plans providing financial assistance with out of pocket expenditures

  • A value based Pharmacy program with mail order and 90 day at retail

  • "Big Employer" quality health benefits and services such as online enrollment, electronic eligibility, centralized benefits billing, compliance services, COBRA Administration, and an Employee Assistance Program

  • An opportunity to promote a culture of Well-being with employees

  • Retiree medical coverage

  • Large group pricing for dental, vision, life and disability income protection benefits, long-term care, & legal services

  • Value Cluster with unique brand partners to deliver optimal service

  • Collaboration with peers to provide high quality, cost effective benefit plans to employees

Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective Health and Wellbeing benefits to our members through collaboration.





Our Member Schools Say.....

Pat Walker_edited.jpg
"ICUBA provides schools with benefit packages that surpass industry standards. As industry experts and advocates, ICUBA monitors ever-changing plan options, constituent needs, and works closely and collaboratively with member schools to ensure full transparency. Every school has a voice in decision making. Monthly advisory committee meetings, regional meetings, and an accessible, knowledgeable staff keep member schools fully involved and supported in providing the best possible health benefit options for their employees. ICUBA is large enough to negotiate high-quality options with manageable premiums, and small enough to know each member school and allow for customization of which plans will be offered by each school. ICUBA is truly a collaborative partner in helping us keep our employees happy and healthy.​"

Pat Walker

Director of Admissions

Jacksonville Country Day School

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