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Brand Partners

In order to fulfill the mission of ICUBA — providing high quality, cost-effective health and wellbeing benefits to our members — we need a team of Partners that understand our vision of providing these necessary benefits through collaboration.  With these qualities in mind, ICUBA partners with only the most innovative industry leaders who contribute to the overall betterment of ICUBA's Health and Welfare benefits.


Medical Insurance and Prescription Pharmacy Benefits
provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Florida

Medical and Prescription Pharmacy Benefits are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Florida. ICUBA partners with BCBS to provide exceptional benefits for our members and administers claims for our self-funded insurance plan. ICUBA members receive best-in-class support from BCBS, including Total Care providers, Embold preferred providers and specialist, Essential Advocate, CareConnected, and Strive powered by Virgin Pulse. BCBS is a true partner when it comes to improving the health and wellbeing of our members by constantly looking for better ways to engage our population.


Behavioral Health & Employee Assistance Program
provided by Aetna Resources for Living

ICUBA partners with Aetna Resources for Living to provide our Employee Assistance Program.  The EAP is a confidential resource that can help members deal with family problems, stress-related issues, depression, eating disorders, problems at work, financial crises and much more.  No issue is too large or too small.  Members do not have to be enrolled in an ICUBA medical plan to use this benefit. All benefit-eligible employees (and all members of the household) can take advantage of this resource, which includes six free counseling sessions per issue per plan year.  


Pharmacist Advocate Program

Real Pharmacists - Real Advocates - Real Solutions!  Our ICUBAcares Pharmacist Advocate Program serves as a liaison between the doctor, pharmacy, and insurance company to take the burden off of the member when navigating questions on ICUBA's prescription drugs plan, side effects, drug interactions, prior authorization, and our tiered plan design.

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Concierge Member Experience for Elective Surgery
provided by SurgeryPlus

ICUBA partners with Employer Direct Healthcare's SurgeryPlus, a supplemental benefit for non-emergent surgeries, to provide a concierge-quality healthcare experience at substantial savings to members enrolled in an ICUBA Medical Plan.  ICUBA members gain access to an elite, high-performance Surgeons of Excellence network that includes top quality, and 100 percent board-certified providers. Providers in the SurgeryPlus network have been rigorously screened, significantly reducing the risk of surgical complications. Through SurgeryPlus, members will receive the full health concierge service with personal Care Advocates who handle every aspect of their surgical experience.


Embold Health Providers
High Performing Primary Care and Specialists

Doctors recognized as Embold Preferred Providers have been thoroughly evaluated based on
appropriateness of care, effectiveness and cost. Anyone can choose an Embold Preferred Provider. Embold providers are available for Primary Care, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Joint Care (Orthopedic), Gastroenterology, Obstetrics, Pulmonology, Spine
Care (Orthopedic/Neurosurgical) and Dermatology.


Strive Wellbeing
Powered by Virgin Pulse

Employee health and wellbeing is one of our top priorities. We look at our programs and incentives every year, making sure we are providing best-in-class tools and resources to assist you and your dependents in achieving an optimal level of health. We want you to be the best you — personally and professionally. Strive is our digital health engagement experience that will help your employees stay engaged in improving their health and wellbeing while incentivizing them for healthy activities along the way!


Musculoskeletal therapy solutions
provided by Hinge Health

ICUBA partners with Hinge Health to provide at-home therapy solutions for back, knee, shoulder, hip, and neck pain.  With the help of Hinge Health's technology and highly trained therapists and coaches, ICUBA members are on their way to living pain free. Hinge Health provides all the tools your employees need to get moving again from the comfort of their home.They'll get exercise therapy tailored to their condition and a personal care team of experts. Best of all, it's free -  100% covered by ICUBA for eligible members.


ICUBA Benefits Card, COBRA, & Retiree Administration provided by Ameriflex

ICUBA partners with Ameriflex to administer our member Health Reimbursement Accounts/Arrangements (HRA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (healthcare and dependent care).  These funds are easily accessible to our members with the ICUBA Benefits MasterCard.  Ameriflex also administers our COBRA and Retirement benefit offerings.  They ensure our members receive timely retirement packages and COBRA notices, as appropriate.


Vision Benefits
provided by EyeMed

ICUBA partners with EyeMed to provide two voluntary vision plans. Both vision plans offer an in-network routine eye exam for a low $5 copay with lenses or contact lenses every 12-months.  The difference in two plans is the frame frequency and allowance.  The Base Plan allows frames once every 24-months with a $130 allowance and the Buy-up Plan allows frames every 12-months with a $150 allowance.


Virta Health
Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

ICUBA partners with Virta Health to provide a new no-cost diabetes reversal benefit to all our eligible members. Virta is a research-backed treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes, meaning that patients can lower their blood sugar and A1c, all while reducing diabetes medications and losing weight. 


Dental Benefits
provided by Delta Dental

ICUBA's dental coverage is offered through our partnership with Delta Dental so members can receive the important dental care needed for good health. Members can choose from three different fully-insured dental plans that best fit their needs. Delta Dental offers a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) through the Dental Care USA Network and Delta Dental Nework and Delta Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.


Life, Disability and FMLA Benefits
provided by Symetra

ICUBA partners with Symetra to provide comprehensive life, disability and FMLA benefits to our members.  The suite of insurance benefits provided by AIG includes Basic Life, Voluntary Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability and Family Medical Leave Administration.


LifeTime Benefit Term with Long Term Care
provided by CHUBB

ICUBA partners with CHUBB to provide a lifetime life insurance benefit with a long term care rider to our members.  This unique benefit provides life insurance with the option of accessing 4% of the death benefits per month for up to 25 years to pay for long term care and includes a restoration provision if the benefit is depleted.  Premiums are set at the time of election and are guaranteed to age 100.  


Additional Voluntary Benefits
provided by Aflac

ICUBA partners with Aflac to provide our members with voluntary group benefit plans that include Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Accident insurance.  These group benefits provide members with richer plans at more affordable premiums.  They also provide members with benefits that will help them off-set deductibles, out of pocket maximums and expenses not covered by health insurance.


Group Legal and Identity Theft Protection
provided be Legal Shield

ICUBA partners with LegalShield to provide access to comprehensive and affordable legal protection for our members and their families.  Plan offerings include common personal legal needs at every stage of life and provides coverage for family, home, financial, estate planning, auto and other general matters.  This Group LegalShield plan covers the member; member’s spouse; dependent children up to age 26; or physically or mentally disabled dependent children to any age.


Benefits Administration Platform
powered by bswift

ICUBA partners with bswift to ensure our members have the best user experience through our benefits platform:  The innovative, highly configurable software provided by bswift delivers a customizable, user friendly benefits platform for our members and participants.  ICUBA is happy to provide this best-in-class technology for our members, making your benefits — and your business — work better.


Benefits Consultant & Broker Services
provided by Lockton Companies

ICUBA partners with Lockton Companies to ensure that the best, most competitive rates and partners are selected for our members.  As a trusted partner, Lockton keeps a close eye on the market to ensure all our coverages — including Medical, Prescription, Reinsurance, and all the voluntary benefits offered through ICUBA — remain competitive.  Lockton is also an advocate for all of ICUBA’s members and is proactively involved.  The support ICUBA receives from Lockton is instrumental in keeping our benefits of the highest quality and our premiums low.

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